Bear Paws Meat Handlers
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Bear Paws Meat Handlers NEW Grizzly Edition

Bear Paws are easy to use meat handlers. These "paws" are excellent for handling large pieces of meat such as roasts, turkeys, chickens, beef, hams and pork. They provide a natural grip to slippery meats and the handles never get hot! Use for lifting and carving. Famous in the north and east, these sharp prongs can quickly turn barbecued pork shoulders & butts into PULLED PORK!


They are also great to tossing and serving pasta, slaw and salads of all kinds. And, they are top shelf dishwasher safe.


Made in USA

  • Item #: Bear Paws
  • Manufacturer: Bear Paw Products, Inc
  • Condition: New

Bear Paws Meat Handlers

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