Ceramic Style Adaptor
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Big Green Egg (medium, large and XL)
Cypress Grill
DragonFire Grill
Kamado Joe
• Primo Grills (all models)

If you do not see your ceramic grill list here, please see dimensions below and measure the height of your slide damper.

The new Ceramic Style Adaptor fits most medium to XL ceramic grills. The adaptor is rectangle and can be installed on the short ot tall side depending on the height of your original damper slide.

For adaptor slides that are 2 ¼” to 3 ¼”, install the adaptor with the BBQ Guru logo at the bottom left so you can read it.

For adaptor slides that are 3 1/4"” to 3 3/4”, remove the expansion clip from the adaptor.
Rotate the adaptor 1/4 turn in a counterclockwise position.
Place the clip back on and install.


Due to The BBQ Guru's Internet Sales Policy This Item is for In Store Pick Up Only.

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Ceramic Style Adaptor

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