Fox Sports Tailgating Handbook
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Fox Sports Tailgating Handbook: The Gear, the Food, the Stadiums

The Fox Sports Tailgating Handbook covers this multi-million dollar industry and fan passion from its origins to where and how to tailgate at every NFL and NCAA Division-I stadium in the country.

From the history and growth of tailgating (it's so big now that last year there was the inaugural Tailgating trade show in Las Vegas), to the gear you need (including grills, accessories, clothing, etc.), to tailgate planning and execution, to recipes and cooking tips, to features of ultimate fans and tricked out tailgating vehicles, this book will help tailgaters kick-up their parties a notch or two.

Plus there are detailed venue guides with tailgating rules, tips, and stadium and team information for every NFL and NCAA Division-1 stadium in America!

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Fox Sports Tailgating Handbook

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