Kosmo's Q Pork Soak 1 lb Bag
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WANT AMAZING PORK? Our Soaks will make the difference! Easy to use instructions with extraordinary results! (CONTAINS NO MSG)


Mixing Instructions: Mix ¾ Cup Product To 1/2 Gallon (64oz.) Of Liquid (Water, Broth, Or Whatever Liquid You Prefer) Shake Well. Soak Pork Chops And Ribs 2-4 Hours Depending On Thickness, Tenderloin 4-8 Hours Depending On Thickness, Whole Loin 12-24 Hours Depending On Thickness. Adjust To Personal Taste As Needed. Rinse Excess Off Thoroughly Under Running Water after Soaking.

  • Item #: Pork Soak
  • Manufacturer: Kosmo's Q
  • Condition: New

Kosmo's Q Pork Soak 1 lb Bag

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