Maverick GF-01 Grill Fan
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Battery operated for use outdoors

  • 18" adjustable neck
  • 6” diameter fan
  • Large 1" mouth metal mounting clip
  • Batteries included

This handy portable fan is 6” dia. and uses 4 AA batteries (all included) to provide breezes and cooling air anywhere. Aim the fan over the grill and blow the smoke away!

Energy efficient. Typical battery life: 4-5 hours continuous, a whole summer with intermittent on/off operation.

Clip onto any shelf up to 1” thick and bend the gooseneck to the desired angle. Stainless Steel housing and mounting clip, useable rain or shine.

UPC 0-11502-71881-2
Individual Box Size: 16” x 10” x 5”
Master pack 8
Case Weight 34.0; Cubic Feet 4.4
Made in China

  • Item #: GF-01
  • Manufacturer: Maverick Industries
  • Condition: New

Maverick GF-01 Grill Fan

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