Maverick Handle Mounted Barbeque Grill Light GL-200
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A - 8 super bright LEDs provide 33% more light than
other 6 LED models
B - Automatic timer shuts o unit to avoid unwanted
battery drain
C - Versatile aiming! Unit can reach left or right side
table and from front controls to rear warming rack
D - One set of batteries lasts a whole season! Over 50
hours on 3 AA batteries
E - Mounts to nearly any grill with a specially
engineered clamp
F - Head is removeable for use away from the grill


Technical Details:

Source 8 super-bright LEDs

Lamp Life Over 50,000 hours

Power 3 AA Batteries

Battery Life Over 50 hours

Materials Steel and impact-resistant

polycarbonate, custom integrated

timing circuit

  • Item #: GL-200
  • Manufacturer: Maverick Industries
  • Condition: New

Maverick Handle Mounted Barbeque Grill Light GL-200

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