Sittin' Turkey Steamer
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Warning! Use of this product may cause some people which hate turkey to fall in love with it. Beer-can chicken is a favorite with everyone that loves crispy, moist, and savory chicken, but did you know that the same principle can be used for a perfect turkey? You place a whole turkey over a large filled beer can, and place it on the grill, or in an oven. Steam is created as the beer inside the can heats up. The steam rises, carrying with it the flavor of your beer, and saturating every ounce of the turkey from the inside out. The steam keeps the inside of the turkey moist, while the surrounding heat creates a nice texture on the outside of the turkey. Grilling with The Sittin' Turkey™ Steamer ... Extremely Stable: Being wider at the bottom than the top, the Sittin' Turkey™ Steamer is stable enough to hold an eighteen pound turkey. You never have to worry about your turkey falling over or sliding down directly onto the grill. Safe from harmful toxins: The outer surface is free of all heat producing toxins. There is nothing to heat up and melt away only to be carried off by the steam into your turkey. No Beer; No Problem: The Sittin' Turkey™ Steamer is designed with a wide opening at the top along with 4 steam ports along the lip. This allows you to fill the hollow shaft with all your favorite fruits, vegetables, sauces, and even wine. As the Sittin' Turkey™ Steamer heats up and the liquid of your choice turns to steam all the flavors you have mixed together are evenly cooked throughout your turkey. Clean up is a breeze: Because of the Sittin' Turkey™ Steamers Patent Pending design it only takes about 3.5 hours for a 10 pound turkey (at 250 to 275 degrees for 20 minutes per pound or until juices run clear)to be ready for serving. You simply lift the turkey off the steamer and place it on a platter. If you spray a small amount of a non stick cooking spray on the Sittin' Turkey™ Steamer before cooking, clean up will be a snap. Best of all it can be re-used time, and time again for years to come.

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Sittin' Turkey Steamer

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