Todd's CRABBY DIRT 3.25 OZ
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Being from Maryland and loving seafood, Todd created his own special variation on the Chesapeake Bay Seasonings from the past and enhanced the flavor with the THE ORIGINAL Todd's DIRT.


Put the CRABBY DIRT on all kinds of seafood. Todd strongly suggests putting it on fish, crabs, shrimp, scallops, chicken or in your favorite crab cake recipe, sit back, and enjoy. It can also put on anything you want to spice up. Try it on BBQ ribs, Beer Can Chicken, eggs, pizza or a steak. Also great in any red sauce. You will be surprised what it is good on.

  • Item #: CRABBY DIRT
  • Manufacturer: Todd's Dirt
  • Condition: New

Todd's CRABBY DIRT 3.25 OZ

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