Weber Original Rib Rack
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Everyone loves a great rack of ribs and with the Weber Original Rib Rack you can easily get the ribs on and off the grill using the built in handles. Expand your grills capacity by using this heavy-duty plated steel rib rack, which keeps the ribs upright. Designed to support up to 5 racks of ribs, the design allows you to easily baste and sauce your ribs right in the rack.

  • Designed to support up to 5 racks of ribs
  • Made of heavy-duty plated steel
  • Increases grill capacity
  • Fits Q 200/2000 and larger gas grills and 18.5 in. and larger charcoal grills
  • Dishwasher safe
  • MFG Model # : 6605
  • Item #: 6605
  • Manufacturer: Weber
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 6605
  • Condition: New

Weber Original Rib Rack

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